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Property Management & Maintenance

We provide hassle free property management services in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Managing your valuable property from being thousands of miles away can become a hassle. Property maintenance and management has become a growing need for the NRBs as more and more NRBs are becoming owner of Real Estate Properties in Bangladesh. Being an NRB, Finding right tenant, collecting rents, and taking good care of property becomes almost impossible while you are thousands of miles away from your valuable property. We can help you overcome this issue. With very minimum cost, we can help you to put your assets into a money making machine.

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Our team of experts can help you by providing following solutions:

One Time Apartment Rental: Looking to put your property for rent. We can help you find the prospective Tenants for your Apartment(s) or flat and will provide the following Services:

  • Advertise your property online and on newspapers to find the right Tenant as per your requirements.
  • In person property tour for prospective Tenants.
  • Short listing, Screening and Verifying Tenants Profile/Background.
  • Negotiate with the Tenants for the desired Rent (min. Tk, 30,000/- excluding Service Charge, per Flat per month) and advance/security deposit for at least 3 months.
  • Preparing the ‘Tenancy Agreement’ on behalf of the owner incorporating all possible clauses.
  • Finalizing the ‘Rental Agreement’ with the ultimate Tenant(s) and briefing them about the by-laws (rules) of the ‘Association/Management Committee’.

Our Charges: One month’s Rental Value for each apartment for finalization the Rental Agreement 

Monthly Property Management: Our team can provide your monthly management services for your properties. We work in the best interest of the Flat/Apartment Owner at all times while looking after the property along with the tenants. We can help you with the following service:

  • Collection of ‘Rent’ from the Tenants on behalf of the Owner.
  • ‘Rent’ depositing to the nominated Bank Account of the Owner.
  • Payment of ‘Utility Bills’ (DESCO, WASA & GAS) to the respective Authorities or Bank Booths.
  • Participating (periodically) in the ‘Owners Association Meetings’ on behalf of the Owner.
  • Ensuring that the Tenants shall pay all ‘Service Charge’ in time.
  • Providing assistance to the Owner to pay ‘Municipal Tax’& ‘Land Khazna’.
  • Periodic visits to the Apartments to ensure that the Tenants are looking after the Property as per Agreement.
  • Preparing ‘Statement of Accounts and Receipts’ (quarterly) and sending this to the Owner for records.

Our Charges: 15% monthly service charge from your rental property income

Monthly Property Maintenance: We could look after the Property of the Owner by ensuring that it is properly maintained. We could provide with the following services to some extent (within our range):-

  • Repairing, like-tiles, electrical, plumbing works.
  • Renovation work.

Our Charges for the above work: Actual Cost of Materials + Actual Wages of Labours /Mechanic/ Technicians + our service charge (which is variable but reasonable). All such works will be done under our supervision but with prior approval of the Owner on estimated costing/expenses.

Key Holding & Supervision of Vacant Flat: Flat Owner (Local or NRB) who wishes to keep his Property ‘vacant’ (but in liveable condition) and use occasionally, then regular checks of his Flats are a ‘key part’ of our services. We want to keep our Client in relax mood of mind with the knowledge that we are regularly looking after his property to ensure it is safe and secure. We ensure that-

  • Payment (in time) of the ‘Government Taxes and Fees’ e.g. Holding Tax, Land Tax/Kahzna.
  • Payment of the ‘Utility Bills’ e.g. DESCO, WASA & GAS.
  • Payment of ‘Service Charges’ to the ‘Common Management Association’.
  • Attending ‘Owners Association Meeting’ on behalf of the Owner periodically.
  • Cleaning (dust free) and airing (refreshing) of the Flat (in every week).

Our Charges for all the above work will be of Tk.3,000/- (Taka Three Thousand) per Flat per month

We wish to be a strong hand in managing your valuable Apartment in professional manner. Fell free to contact us if you have any question or concern.